Spook Spann

William "Spook" Spann was born on Halloween which is how he got ,the name "Spook".

He started hunting as a youngster and killed his first deer at ten years old. In 1975, Spook was 13 years old and talked his mom into buying his first bow. He only knew six people who owned bows at the time, and they were all grown men. In the mid 1980s, Spook attended the first QDM (Quality Deer Management) meeting in Tennessee. There he met a very knowledgeable wildlife biologist, Grant Woods, and they became good friends. The idea of manipulating the deer herd through habitat management and passing up younger bucks intrigued Spook. His love and passion to hunt and harvest big whitetail deer has grown and Spook is blessed to be able to hunt these majestic animals all over North America. Spook works daily to improve habitat and food sources on properties he owns and/or manages all over America. His hard work and tireless dedication has led to the harvesting of more than 40 bucks scoring more than 160 inches - 20 of these scored over 170" -5 scored over 190 and 5 of them score more than 200". His latest blessing is a 263" monster killed in Ohio. Spook says his families support and their love for each other and the great outdoors makes him the luckiest guy in the world.


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